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In memoriam

Go to sleep you precious angel
Night has fallen, day is gone
Your brown eyes will sparkle in the sunrise
They will dance beside the dawn
Close your eyes
You’re going home
Close your eyes
(Jimmy LaFave, Going Home)

Belsud Black Sibly Beck (Layla)

  • 12-02-1999

  • 11-12-2012

V: Riversflight Odiel at Riverglide
M: Belsud Black Pepper

Fokker: Mrs. M. E. Grimes

Black Blown Rose van Klein Weetink (Berber)

  • 05-04-1998

  • 17-12-2008

V. Camwood Lochwinnoch
M. Viewpoint’s Black Diana

Fokker: A.H.J. Peters